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How discover credit cards calculate and set rates: find credit cards calculate variable rates based on Initial Tariff using the highest US Prime Rate listed in The Wall Street Journal on the last business day of each month. For APR purchases, D adds from 8.74% to 19.74% to Prime Rate based on your credit worthiness. When the discover credit card evaluates credit worthiness, the discover credit card considers your credit report, all the information you provide and other information. Customers with the best credit profiles receive the lowest rates. Other customers receive higher rates and may be offered accounts with different rates or terms, including no introductory rates but the same cashback offer. For cash withdrawal of APR, discover credit card added 21,74% to Prime Rate.

This offer is valid for balance transfers sent to your account before 7/10/2018. It takes at least 14 days after your account is opened to process payments to your other account. You can cancel your balance transfer anytime before by calling 1-800-347-3085. Continue to make all necessary payments to your other account until you confirm that a balance transfer has been made. Balance transfers can not be used to pay for a Discover account and get no rewards. You can transfer any amount, until your credit is available for transfer, which may be less than your total credit limit. If your balance transfer request will exceed the available credit, the discover credit card will process your transfer less than the requested amount, in the requested order. You can only make balance transfers to an account that lists you as an account holder. There is no grace period on your balance transfers. Minimum payment terms may result in the balance of the promotion being paid in full before the end of the promotion period. You can avoid paying interest for new purchases if you pay your entire balance on the due date each month. This means that unless your purchase of APR is on a 0% APR promotion, you will pay interest on a new purchase if you do not pay the balance you transfer under this offer in full on the due date of the first payment. See your Card Members Agreement for details.

A little extra information Discover applying payments and credits at Discover’s discretion, including in the most profitable or convenient way for Discover. Each Booking billing period will generally apply your paid amount that exceeds the minimum payment due to a higher APR balance before the balance with the APR is lower on Discover date credited your payment.

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