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Welcome here will be explained about Discover you can also visit the official website at www.discovercard.com below is information about Discover.

Federal law requires Discover to get certain information about you such as your date of birth and street address to verify your identity. You allow Discover to receive and exchange information about you, including from your employer, your bank, credit bureaus and others for the purpose of verifying your identity and information about this application and determining your eligibility for credit, credit extension and future extension of credit. By providing your phone number you agree that Discover, its affiliates and agents may contact you at this number. If this is a mobile number you agree that Discover may contact you using an automated dialer, including pre-recorded messages and / or text messages, even if your mobile carrier may charge for calls according to your current plan. Upon your request, Discover will notify you of the name and address of each consumer reporting agency from where Discover obtains a consumer report relating to you. Offer is only available to US citizens aged 18 and over. Every applicant, regardless of marital status, may apply for a separate account. THIS OFFERS PROVIDES ALL OF OFFER SUPPLIES. These offer terms, including variable rates and fees, are accurate as of March 30, 2018, and may change after that date.

The applicant can not request a certain credit limit. If you are approved, your credit line will be at least $ 500 and along with other terms of the account, will be based on a review of the information you provide in this application and your consumer reports; it may also include any other information you may have about your credit worthiness. Balance transfers made with the app are not considered as requests for certain credit limits.

Discover will send the terms and conditions complete with your card. You can redeem prizes in any amount at any time.You get a 2% Full Money Back Bonus on the first $ 1,000 purchase in combined purchases of gas and restaurants every calendar quarter. The calendar quarter is defined as a three month period starting January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1. Purchases of gas and restaurant categories over quarterly hats, and all other purchases, earn 1% cash back. Gas and restaurant purchases are made at merchants classified as gas stations and full-service restaurants, cafes, cafeterias and fast food restaurants. Purchases are encoded in categories other than this, including purchases made at warehouse clubs, wholesale distributors

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